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As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of beautiful, high-quality decorative surfaces that are used for furniture, office and retail space, countertops, worktops and other residential and commercial applications Wilsonart is committed to infusing intelligence into all facets of production. Looking for a way to best present their solutions and promote their products online, they called on Commotion Interactive for a new website that was both interactive and informative.

In response, we built a cutting edge, interactive site that emphasized Wilsonart’s focus on design choices and enhancing the user experience. On the home page a user can customize their experience by choosing one of Wilsonart’s featured laminate designs with the laminate being featured as a design element in all subsequent page views.

We then built an Interactive Product Visualizer as a tool to let designers and consumers customize a kitchen scene by dragging and dropping Wilsonart laminates and hard surface countertop materials onto countertops and laminate flooring materials onto the floor to visualize a custom design combination.

Also included in the site experience is the Wilson House virtual tour.  In a time when laminate was generally applied to tabletops and counters, Wilsonart founder Ralph Wilson built his home as a test lab where he experiment with creative new ways to use laminate in the home and to test the quality and durability of his company’s products. The Wilson House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a significant architectural structure. We took panoramic photography of the site and built an interactive application that let a website visitor take a virtual tour.

Finally, we developed a fun solution to the problem that designers and consumers faced in getting acquainted with Wilsonart’s new product lineup in the form of a branded game featuring laminate design chips as game pieces in a memory match game.

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Including countertop and flooring patterns from Wilsonart’s product line, the Interactive Product Visualizer is a real-time design tool built on cross platform technology for designers and homeowners.

The tool features realistic kitchen and bath layouts for users to mix a variety of countertop and flooring color options to create their ideal design.

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“The Laminate Lounge” is a card matching game using the new Spring 2000 Standard Line Laminate sample chips.

Players begin by selecting a sample chip, then try to match the chip with its pair. The chip collection name appears on each chip to help match the samples that look similar.

Score is determined by the amount of time it takes to reveal all matching pairs.