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As one of the top 10 brands in the world, Toyota introduced the Toyota Matrix to attract youthful buyers away from Honda. Honda was seen as a brand that resonated well with teens and as a manufacturer whose brand could easily be personalized and adapted for looks and performance. Although Toyota had a positive perception among teens, it was not generally seen as a brand for them.

To increase awareness and advocacy of the Toyota Matrix among teens Commotion Interactive was hired to work in tandem with Proctor & Gamble’s teen influencer marketing program. We designed and developed an app full of interactive content such as a branded game, customizable e-cards, custom composed music tracks, an interactive DJ mixer, video press kit for indie rock band Greenwheel, an interactive product visualizer and a virtual tour of the Toyota Matrix.

This talkable, shareable experience was kicked off at an event for the teen influencers held at the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle. Each teen received the interactive app and access to share with their friends.

Under the Needle--Approaching 6K views by Andrew E. Larsen, on Flickr

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