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SMI Steel Products introduced Smartbeam™, the intelligent alternative long-span floor framing system; a new hybrid of an I-beam and an open-web truss resulting in a beam with the same weight but much stronger than the original. With exclusive rights in the Americas and new automated technologies that allowed SMI to produce Smartbeams economically they were poised for rapid growth.

Although they had a superior product their old website and branding simply could not compete with top competitors. That’s why they turned to Commotion Interactive.

Our team was faced with the challenge of creating a new website that not only highlighted the supporting research and practical application of Smartbeam but leveled the playing field among competitors as well. Commotion Interactive designed a bold website featuring the unique shape of the Smartbeam as the dominant visual anchor. The site was designed with different section separating specification data and research with practical application photography as well as dynamically generated news content and employment opportunities. When the site was complete we translated the content into Spanish and launched the website as a dual language site.

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