National Cheerleaders Association

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The National Cheerleader Association (NCA) hosts some of the most prestigious cheerleading competitions in the USA. Commotion Interactive was first tasked with creating a brand new dynamic website featuring events, competitions, camps along with the ability to sell cheerleader uniforms and merchandise online. Secondly, we were tasked with creating an app to visualize, customize and capture orders for cheerleader uniforms.

We designed a website to position the NCA as a one-stop destination for exclusive news on cheer camps, competition, events and uniforms with dynamically generated content controlled by the client’s in-house marketing team.

Commotion Interactive also created an app that provided the ability to customize cheer uniforms and save / submit them for ordering. Leveraging existing line drawing assets from the client we built the app around the existing assets to create a helpful, efficient and affordable tool.

Award: //

National Spirit Group - Outstanding Website - Web Marketing Association

Web Marketing Association

Web Design: //

Interactive Product Visualizer: //

Designed to customize and order cheer uniforms

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