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Mary Kay introduced the Personal Web Site Program as a tool to empower its sales force and extend its mission online. Always keeping the Consultant at the center of its strategy, the program utilizes the Internet to build an online Community, provide another tool for its independent sales force to build closer customer relationships, and to improve customer service while reducing transaction costs.

There are close to 100,000 U.S. Independent Beauty Consultants with Mary Kay Personal Web sites, providing their customers 24/7 service and online ordering. The Company hosts and refreshes the sites, which receive 30 million page views per month. The merging of the high-touch personalized relationships between Mary Kay Consultants and their customers with the efficiency and convenience of the Internet has delivered a heightened level of customer service and maximization of time spent by the Consultant on her business.

Commotion Interactive was hired to create a new version of the Personal Web Site Program with improved technology and ease of use. Throughout our four plus years working with Mary Kay on this project we developed a an award winning site that was improved each year in a new version and finally acting as consultants to assist Mary Kay’s technical team in the transition to in-house development.

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…┬áconsistently proves to be an asset for our team

“As I continue to work with Mr. Lichtenwalter on this and other projects, he consistently proves to be an asset for our team. He brings with him cutting edge technical skill and knowledge, an imaginative creativity, a passion for excellence and the flexibility needed to meet clients’ ever-changing needs.”
Russell R. Mack, Executive Vice President Global Communications, Mary Kay Inc.